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      Feeling discomfort while breastfeeding or just want more information? You have come to the right place.

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    • I attended the ‘Prenatal, Breastfeeding and Newborn care workshop’ by Aparna from The Yearling House. I’m a gynaecologist myself, and I found this session very informative and in tune with all the latest guidelines. It was very practical as well. Aparna covered all the aspects thoroughly and gave very clear take home messages. I suggest all moms to be to attend this workshop as it will clear all the misconceptions and fear that you may have in your mind. I also feel that all to be grandmothers to be should also attend it to be in sync with the newer developments.

      Yamini Kale, expecting parent
    • Despite sitting thousands of miles away in London and having never even met Aparna, she has helped me in my breastfeeding journey far more that the whole battalion of midwives and lactation consultants I met. Aparna is knowledgable, authoritative and reassuring. She knows what she is talking about. Whether it was guiding me through initiating breastfeeding or later weaning my baby off formula to get back to breastfeeding, her wealth of knowledge, personal experience and attitude has been invaluable.

      Neha Bhatnagar
    • My baby was developing atypically, as she was trying to come to sit from lying on her back, instead of rolling over and coming to sit from her tummy.
      Puja suggested I increase floor time and gave me a few home exercises. Within 3 months, my baby was sitting up the right way and was crawling.
      Thank you for your timely advise and encouragement

      Reshma Paritosh Bachwani
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    • Puja Padbidri

      Puja has an MS in Pediatric Physiotherapy from the University of Illinois in USA and has extensive work experience in the field of early intervention in India and USA. She works as a Pediatric Physiotherapist in Neonatal Department at Bharati VidyaPeth Hospital, Pune. She is mom to a spirited 5 year old and is a passionate reader. In her free time, she volunteers to read for young children.

    • Aparna Bhat

      Aparna has an MS in Physiotherapy and is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. She herself had problems with feeding and latching with her first child and is passionate about helping parents find the right information and applying it from the beginning to make their parenting journey easier.

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