What should you buy in the first year? Does one really need to spend on a booster seat? Are “educational” toys required?

Use our recommendations a guide to what is best for your baby’s overall growth and development in the first year.


10 Must have baby equipment in first year 

  1. Yoga mat: so you can leave your baby on the floor
  2. Baby carrier: for walking around with a fussy baby without straining your back and going hands free
  3. Safe place to keep baby while going to the loo: We recommend a crib or mattress on the floor.
  4. Bath tub with infant insert: to bathe your own baby
  5. Car seat: Rear facing infant car seat if you own a caranva-blue-yoga-mat-sdl089082086-1-122f1
  6. High chair or booster chair: For starting solids and getting the child to join family meals at the dinner table
  7. Baby proofing equipment like electric socket plugs, corner protectors and maybe a gate for bathrooms.
  8. A step stool: To sit on, to use for standing, to step up on.
  9. An old sheet to put under babys’ high chair to contain mess
  10. Wooden spoons for baby to eat on their own



10 must have toys in first year 32885_0000

  1. Black and white flash cards/pictures or story books
  2. Mirror
  3. Interlocking Rings
  4. Wooden Blocks
  5. Books-Cloth & Board
  6. Rattles
  7. Ball
  8. Fridge Magnets
  9. Pop-Uo Toys
  10. Cardboard Boxes


For ideas on how to use these toys in multiple ways, check out our activities webinar for 0-1 year olds. You can e-mail us at contact@theyearlinghouse.com for more information.

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