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  • The Yearling House was set up in June 2012 by Puja Padbidri, a professional pediatric physiotherapist. After getting her Masters from the University of Illinois, Puja worked in Early Intervention aimed at children between the ages of 0-3 years in USA for almost a decade. She returned to India when her son was a few months old and immediately saw a gap in the awareness levels and support structures available for early detection and intervention. Hearing parents say they wish they had known something sooner and having regrets about not having access to basic scientific information, is what fuels her passion for The Yearling House. 


    The Yearling House started a support group on Facebook called ‘Early Childhood Development and Parenting India.” This hugely popular group laid the official foundations of The Yearling House and Aparna Bhat, Puja’s contact during her university days in the US also joined the team as a partner. The team has now grown and attracted more professionals working within the early intervention area. Through The Yearling House, they hope to change the world and parenting attitudes, one family at a time. The team supports over 23,000 parents on issues of early childhood and development and work with clients all over the world. They are available for in-person clinical visits and consultations in Pune and Mumbai.


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