I had attended a prenatal class offered through my gynecologist when i was pregnant and thought that this was sufficient to know what to do when my little one arrived. However, we had a bumpy start with breastfeeding, something I had never anticipated. I felt that my prenatal class did not prepare me on what to do if things don’t go smoothly at first. It was a really distressing and frustrating time and I was thinking of giving up on breastfeeding altogether.
I enrolled in the online version of Baby Shastra Prenatal Program conducted by The Yearling House. This really helped me course-correct and am now beginning to build a positive breastfeeding relationship with my daughter. There are many things that I picked up through this course that I wish I had known before my daughter was born. What you do in the initial few days and weeks is crucial for breastfeeding success. There were many misconceptions about breastfeeding that were dispelled through this course.

I also applied the points regarding baby development (tummy time, reading/describing, baby wearing, minimizing swaddling, taking the baby out often). My daughter has reached all her developmental milestones ahead of time and I am sure all these practices had a big role to play in it.

Moreover, I really appreciate Aparna’s commitment and generosity in helping us on the initial journey to parenthood. As new parents we had so many doubts and fears and she made herself so approachable and accessible and patiently addressed any follow-up questions we had.

Overall, I found the course content to be practical, simple and immensely helpful and would urge all expectant and new parents to benefit from it.


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