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    • Puja Padbidri

      Puja has an MS in Pediatric Physiotherapy from the University of Illinois in USA and has extensive work experience in the field of early intervention in India and USA. She works as a Pediatric Physiotherapist in Neonatal Department at Bharati VidyaPeth Hospital, Pune. She is mom to a spirited 5 year old and is a passionate reader. In her free time, she volunteers to read for young children.

    • Aparna Bhat

      Aparna has an MS in Physiotherapy and is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. She herself had problems with feeding and latching with her first child and is passionate about helping parents find the right information and applying it from the beginning to make their parenting journey easier.

    • Swara Vyas Ahluwalia
      Administrative Assistant

      Swara is a certified Lactation Counsellor; she has an MBA in HR and handles the communication and marketing for The Yearling House. As a parent, she had interacted with Aparna and Puja and found their inputs extremely beneficial. This prompted her to join the team and contribute with her expertise.

    • Anima Mishra
      Speech & Language Pathologist

      Anima is a Speech and Language Pathologist, with a Masters from Bangalore University and special interest in language acquisition in children. Mother to a precocious toddler, she is currently in the process of getting her practice license in the US.


    • Lalitha Acharya
      Clinical Psychologist

      Lalitha has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the US. She has experience working with traumatized children and their families, children involved in the criminal justice system, and individuals diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. She has written informative articles for The Yearling House blog.

    • Pallavi Sovani Kelkar
      Speech Language Pathologist

      Pallavi has a Masters in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology and is currently pursuing her PhD. She has been a consultant with The Yearling House and been involved with the support group since its inception. She has worked to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech and language issues for the past decade and is a published author in national and international peer review publications. She balances working as a consultant at two prominent hospitals in Pune, having a private practice and being the mom of a toddler.