• The Yearling House Lending Library

    The Yearling House is excited to launch its’ online book lending program. This exclusive program allows parents to share and learn from critically acclaimed parenting books that are otherwise difficult find, expensive and unavailable in India.

    We understand how important it is for parents to make informed decisions when it comes to their child’s development and growth. The Yearling House strives at providing resources to aid parents as they navigate the challenging and wonderful journey and this lending library is an integral step towards that.

    We invite you all to make use of this resource. Now you have access to the top parenting books without having to purchase a copy of your own. 


    Terms of Use:


    1) The Yearling House Library operates on a pan-India basis.

    2) Interested parents can sign up to rent a book by completing the Google form https://goo.gl/forms/kHXhiW5Z8X7TKiNS2

    3) There is a deposit and rental fee for the books.

    4) The books can be rented for up to 3 weeks, after which they are yours.

    5) The 3-week rental period begins as soon as the courier delivers the book to you.

    6) The book needs to be returned to the courier on the last day of the 3-week rental period. Please e-mail us the courier receipt with tracking number. 

    7) Cost of return courier will be borne by the sender.

    8) One can extend the rental time of the book once, as long as there are no pending requests from other members.

    9) Additional costs associated with the library are as follows:

    a. Damage/Loss to book                                    Deposit Fee

    b. Late Return                                                     Deposit Fee