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It started as a casual catch-up conversation between two friends, on a play date with 5 kids between us no less! And here we are, almost 7000 members strong.

Aparna and I are so blessed to have been given this wonderful opportunity to share our professional knowledge and parenting experience to help so many young parents on this most exciting journey of parenthood. We started our support group “Early Childhood Development and Parenting India” with the desire of reaching out to parents and building this community of evidence based, child led parenting. They say “Truth sets you free” and the most important truth of parenting is trusting your instincts and letting go of fear. Our sincere quest for this has brought us here today.

Along the way, we have found a wonderful community of like-minded parents and peers who have stepped up to lead the group in a caring, compassionate way. We have dads on the group, though not as active as we would like them to be; We have grandparents and teachers, aunts and caregivers and some non-Indian parents as well. Our family is grown so strong and it always fills us up with pride when we see an older parent guide the newer ones, especially for ideas we advocate like tummy time, crawling, no sleep training and child friendly weaning.

This group has kick started our foray back to work after having kids and we will be forever grateful for that. So lets celebrate eh? We are offering a give away of The Yearling House webinars to mark this occasion.


WEBINAR 1: Development of Sitting and its importance in introducing solids (Puja Padbidri)

Date: August 23rd. 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Location: Online.

WEBINAR 2: Introducing solids (6-24 months) (Aparna Bhat)

Date: August 30th. 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Location: Online.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/500759040085946/

How to participate:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Share this event on your wall
  3. Tag one of your friends to this event page.

EVENT ENDS MONDAY AUGUST 17th at 11.00 pm IST. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on this event page.

Looking forward to a wonderful turnout.

Till then,

Happy Parenting!


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