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The Yearling House strongly encourages reading to our children from day 1. The benefits of reading are numerous, and we have a separate video on why reading is important here.


As a parent, I like to expose my child to as many different cultures and worlds through reading, so when I am picking books, I try to get a balance of international books interspersed with some good children’s books by Indian authors as well. What could be better than connecting with our child over some our culture and anecdotes?


While a simple Google search on “children’s book” gives us numerous recommendations on the international top sellers, I always find it a bit hard to identify which Indian stories would be best suited for younger children. The offering at Crosswords doesn’t do much to help my case either. This blog post highlights some our personal favorites, and aims to make selecting Indian stories easier for our readers.


1) Sameer’s House by Deepa Balsavar & Deepa Hari: A fabulous illustrated book with an equally captivating storyline. The story talks about how everyone is part of this universe. This book is great to address the budding curiosity in your child and also integrate concepts of universe, space, stars, etc.


2) Ramya’s Snack Box by C.G Salamander: A simple and wonderful story on sharing. Ramya’s Snack Box became an instant favorite with my toddler. I, personally, love the author’s description of all the delicious food. The book is also very relatable as we, as a family, eat rice


3) Gajapati Kulapati by Ashok Rajangopalan: With infectious sounds and “aachoo”, the story of the loving elephant Gajapat Kulapati is great for modulating different sounds and tones to your child. The repetition also makes it catchy to hear out loud for young readers. There is another story starring Gajapati Kulapati, yet, this one remain our all time favorite.


4) My Mother’s Sari by Sandhya Rao: A little girl and her playful fascination for her mother’s saris. The book uses nice descriptive terms, and even shows how to tie a sari! The large print is great for budding reader, but this is a also gorgeous book for infants as the colors and textures are so vibrant.



5) Mallipoo, where are you? by Radhika Chadha: A funny story about two young elephants and piglets that also talks about the concept of responsibility. The story is relatable as there are several times we mom go out to meet our friends and ask our older siblings to babysit. Like other Tulika books, the illustrations are captivating.


6) The Magic Rolling Pin by Vikas Khanna: Apparently, this story is based off celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s own journey. Story follows Jugnu and his love for being in the kitchen and making rotis. There is a beautiful message of following one’s heart as well. I enjoy talking to my little one about all the different food described in the book. Now some may not like this book as much as we do as it can get a tad long, but the pictures are bound to catch your child’s fancy.




A common question we get is on where to find these books. Most often, www.Amazon.in, is the easiest way to order these books. You can also get books directly from publishers Pratham and Tulika. Psst, what’s even better is that a lot of these books are available in regional languages. We highly recommend reading to our little ones in the languages spoken at home.



Let us know what you think of our list. Leave your own personal favorite as comments.

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  • Ranjitha
    May 5, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Hi, Here is a list of our favourites (My almost 2 year old and mine) : 1) To market , to market -Anushka Ravishankar 2) Tiger […] Read MoreHi, Here is a list of our favourites (My almost 2 year old and mine) : 1) To market , to market -Anushka Ravishankar 2) Tiger on a tree - Anushka Ravishankar. 3) SunuSunu Snail, storm in the garden - Sandhya Rao. 4) Where is Amma? (We have the Kannada version- Amma Yelli?) -Nandini Nayak. 5) Look, the moon!- Sandhya Rao 6) Bulbuli's Bamboo - Mita Bordoloi We love what Tulika (Books 3,4,5 &6) has to offer in terms of variety and relevance; while Anushka Ravishankar's books are such a treat, with their lyrical narratives. Read Less


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