Parent Story: Born Conqueror

We have another parent story to share as a part of Prematurity Awareness Month. Beena Nair shares her son’s inspiring story.


I am Beena aged 37, would like to talk about my son Rishabh’s (2.5 yr) inspiring journey from NICU to home.


I had conceiving problems as I have a medical problem related to autoimmune. So after undergoing 9 years of infertility treatments and one miscarriage (22 weeks), I was happy when I crossed the 25 weeks mark during my pregnancy. I was quite sure that this time all will be fine and I will have a normal full term delivery, though I was on complete bed rest with the support of hormone injections.


But I don’t know what went wrong and suddenly one fine Sunday evening, during the 26 week of pregnancy, I went into labor, and within an hour, I was rushed to hospital, bleeding and within minutes my son came into this world. I was praying to hear a sound a small cry, and there it was. He cried very weakly but he cried. I was hopeful.


He was rushed into the NICU; first time in that hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala where a 26 weeker was born, but they were well equipped, so I was sure that we have reached the right place.



Rishabh’s birth weight was 950 gms, which was good for a 26 week baby. However, the turmoil had just started. Breathing issue, he was on ventilator, PDA (heart) condition, and bleeding in brain. Everyday my husband and I waited outside the NICU to hear from the doctor, something good, about our son’s health and his development. But doctors never gave us high hopes.


60 days after his birth,  he was still on ventilator.  Doctors were trying their best to help him breathe on his own, but he was taking his own sweet time. He is stubborn by birth; that’s what his doctors said about him.  As parents, we were hoping every morning would be different and we would get to hear some good news about our Rishabh.  Finally on his 62 day of NICU stay, he came out of ventilator and was breathing normally.  I was in tears and that day I could finally feel how was it to be a mom …a normal Mommy.

All this while I hadn’t enjoyed my motherhood, was stressed up all time. Rishabh continued to go through treatment and even underwent laser surgery for his eyes for retinopathy as a result of prematurity.

After completing 92 days in NICU,  he was home with us on his due date of April 5th. He was born on Jan 5 2014.

The actual test for parents begins when the baby is discharged from NICU. Preemies are easily prone to infections.
Their immunity is on the lower side as compared to a full term baby. So preemie parents have to be more careful and cautious.
His growth was looking very good after discharge. Height and weight were increasing consistently.


Rishabh achieved all his milestones till 10 months, he was crawling and sitting with support and also standing with support. But one thing always bothered me was that he stood on his toes.

I consulted his pediatrician, she told me with wait till he was of 18 months and only after that we need intervention. As I am a bit on the hyper side. I started googling, searching for related posts and then I got my answer via Early Childhood and Development, an expert led group on Facebook. I posted my query and Puja, Aparna and the other experts recommended I see a pysiotherapist and Ortho Doc. We started physiotheraphy at 16 months, and I still regret that 6 months delay. Rishabh started walking without support but still he had this tendency to walk on his toes. So we continued physiotheraphy for almost a year.

Another issue was that Rishabh had good eye contact, but he was not pointing with fingers and just babbling. He was also not saying any meaningful words, not even mommy or daddy. We didn’t waste time and went to Christian Medical College Vellore, they have the best pediatric development Department in South India. They did his assessment and advised to start OT and speech therapy as well.

Rishabh has sensory processing disorder and developmental delay due to prematurity. We are continuing therapies and it’s working well. Rishabh has improved a lot. He has started pointing out with his fingers, obeys instructions, identifies animals, fruits vehicles, and birds.

He inspires me to the core.

He will never give up.

My son Rishabh. – born conqueror. – survivor.

I would recommend all parents to keep a check on the milestones development regularly and go for early intervention when needed. Please dont wait and watch. Hope my post help other parents to take decisions and help their children with their development.

The Yearling House is extremely grateful that Beena shared her story of Rishabh, her born conqueror, with us and our readers. The Yearling House is committed to guiding parents, and spreading awareness about early intervention and objective milestone monitoring in premature babies. 

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