Prenatal & Baby Development Workshop2


September 24, 2016 at 10 AM
at The Learning Pod, Kondhwa Bibwewadi Road
Register at + 91 9665343290/ Workshop Fee: Rs 500


  • Did you know that a baby is actually born with a full tummy?
  • Mittens & Swaddling can actually hamper development?
  • What is the best  “toy” for your baby’s development?


Learn this and so much more at our Prenatal & Baby Development Workshop. Get a chance to get your questions answered by our team of experts. Aparna Bhat is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. She has a MS in Physiotherapy (USA).


Parent Testimonial for our Prenatal & Baby Development Class:

I attended a prenatal class offered through my gynaecologist but once my baby was born, I realised it didn’t prepare me for breastfeeding at all! I thought I had low milk supply and was considering giving up breastfeeding.
Fortunately, I spoke to Aparna, and on her advice, I stopped swaddling, kept my baby skin to skin and stop timing my baby’s feeds. Within a few days I was able to reduce the formula and I started enjoying breastfeeding.
I wish I had taken Aparna’s class on breastfeeding and baby development during pregnancy 
itself so I would have known exactly what to do after the baby’s birth.


-Shwetha, Mother of 2 month old Keya



You can learn more about our Pregnancy Program here

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