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  • Carriers, cots, jhoolas, slings, feeding equipment, baby monitors…. The list of baby products goes on and on. The marketing industry has very cleverly branded most of these as being essential for our child’s development! No wonder, the parents are today confused and exhausted even before the baby arrives!


    Let us help you cut through all the gimmicky noise. In order to understand the pros and cons of the baby equipment you need, you can:


    • Consult our blog on the products we recommend and those we don’t.
    • Access the downloadable list of our recommended products for each year.
    • Get detailed information on baby carriers. Baby wearing is the practice of carrying a baby in a sling or carrier. It has been around for centuries but with recent innovations, it has made it easier and more comfortable to be out and about with your baby.
    • Get activity ideas from our enterprising forum to cut down on all toys that advertisers say will enhance your child’s development!
  • Confused about ergonomic carriers or slings in general?

    We endorse Kol Kol carriers.

    Checklist of Necessary Baby Equipment

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    For more information on age-specific toys, see our Play & Learn page.