• Behavior & Tantrums

  • “I was a wonderful parent before I had children.” Thus begins a great book on parenting and how true is that line! Think about all the times you witnessed a child having a tantrum and wondering how you would do it right when it was your turn. But guess what! Now it is your turn and those tantrums and behaviors seem insurmountable, don’t they?


    Hang in there. We understand all about it. That’s why we have the following resources to help you navigate tantrums and behavioral issues at all ages and stages:

    • Webinar on Toddler Tantrums Demystified (9-18 months):
      Know why tantrums happen and what you can do to help your child (and yourself) cope with them.
    • Communications Skills workshop to empower parents (18 months+):
      This 6 week workshop is based on the bestselling book ‘How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk’ and adapted to suit Indian parenting styles. This highly recommended workshop will empower you to communicate effectively with your child and lay the foundations for safe and clear communication.
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  • Live Class in Pune starting January 21, 2017
    Online Skype Class starting February 4, 2017

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  • Concerned about your child hitting others or acting stubborn and refusing to share?

    We have all been there.

    Rather than advising, we aim to guide you through this journey using our professional expertise as well as our own personal struggles as parents.