• Breastfeeding

  • The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your child’s life.


    Did you know that mothers have a higher chance of breastfeeding successfully if given the proper guidance during pregnancy and emotional support post delivery from their partners and family members?


    Contrary to what you may have heard, breastfeeding is not meant to be a painful process. If it is painful or uncomfortable, then the most common cause is an incorrect latch. This is the term used to describe the way your baby attaches to your breast to nurse. An incorrect latch and other breastfeeding issues can be remedied in consultation with a lactation consultant- a certified breastfeeding specialist who is trained to address lactation problems and help babies if they are not gaining enough weight.

  • We are India’s leading experts on breastfeeding and baby development and have trained lactation counselors on our team.

    We can help you by:

    • Providing guidance:
      • Learn about breastfeeding in our Prenatal Class.
      • Get access to our breastfeeding E-book.
      • Webinar on breastfeeding for working mothers.
    • Consultation: 
      • Personal consultation with a Lactation Counselor.
      • Discussion Forum to get insights from other parents.
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  • Have concerns about your baby’s weight? Do you think your baby is not getting enough milk?

    Or are you just feeling stuck at home and need confidence to nurse in public? For these and other queries, please Contact us. You are not alone!

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