• Play & Learn

  • Did you know that in childhood, play is serious learning?


    Yes, these two go side by side.


    So when your child is playing and repeating a task multiple times, they are not only self-initiating this learning process but are also finding ways to become more efficient. Take for example, stacking blocks. They impart body awareness and strength to sit and maintain balance (Gross and Fine motor development), help understand that blocks are objects to be used (Speech development), manipulate the blocks (problem solving development) and get motivated by the result (social-emotional development).

  • ‘Educational Toys’ is the most widely searched term while buying gifts for babies! However, there are many readily available objects in the home that can easily be used to encourage development instead of spending huge amounts on toys. We can help you innovate and engage with your child.

  • We provide:


    • Age Appropriate Activities Webinar
    • Turn-A-Page Reading Classes where we host and introduce reading for infants to preschoolers. Reading aloud to your child, from their infancy, for even 15 minutes a day helps the brain develop in all five areas- communication, problem-solving, gross motor skills, social-personal development and fine motor skills.
    • Float Free Swim Classes: This 8 week program focuses on removing the fear of water and building important skills required for independent swimming later on.
    • Next Batch Starting October 2017.  For further information on upcoming batch, e-mail contact@theyearlinghouse.com
    • Professional Consultation: We strongly believe in parental intuition so please remember no concern is too small or silly. It is always better to get your doubts answered. If you feel your child is wandering aimlessly or doesn’t seem to engage with any person or object, please contact us. The earlier any signs are detected, the easier it is to address any developmental concerns.
  • Parenting Sessions/Webinars

  • Want to be engaged in your child’s playtime but not sure how to how to be involved?

    For answers to these and other questions, please contact us.