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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • What are you feeling? Excited, scared, nervous, happy… or a mishmash of all of these! It’s perfectly normal to feel a mixture of joy and nervousness at this time, irrespective of whether this is your first pregnancy or not. Each pregnancy is different. The best way to handle these emotions is to equip yourself with knowledge. Research has found that correct education and support during pregnancy can help new parents handle a lot of issues post delivery. Fathers play an equally important role in the well being of the newborn and mother. So we recommend you browse this site with your partner. Let’s get started.


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    We offer India’s first, exclusive and comprehensive online class for parents on breastfeeding, baby care and baby development.


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    Topics covered in this class include:
    • Baby Care:
      From basics such as bathing and massage to understanding emotional needs of infants.
    • Breastfeeding:
      This is a learned behavior and with the correct support and guidance, breastfeeding will be a pain-free, beneficial experience for you and your baby. The class covers topics such as latching and common concerns in the early days.
    • Introduction to Baby Development:
      covers important topics such as simple daily activities, knowledge of development issues from birth to 2 months, resources to track development and more.
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