As babies become toddlers, we parents often say that my child gets very angry when he or she doesn’t get what they want. They say things like:

  1. My 15 month old gets angry and hits me when I don’t let him play with my phone.
  2. My 18 month old gets angry if she wants to swing and pushes other children at the park.


Most of us wonder if it’s normal for toddlers to get angry.

The answer to that is “YES”. It’s normal for a toddler to get angry or frustrated and hit or bite because you the parent are saying “NO” to something.  After all, we adults get angry or frustrated nearly every day (often at our children!), don’t we? How can we expect our children to never experience anger or frustration?


It is also possible to teach your child not to hit or bite if we parents take some effort. It is not possible to teach this just ONCE and expect our toddlers to remember not to hit or bite.  Toddlers hit/bite/ push because they are trying to communicate something and not because they deliberately want to cause an injury or harm to another person. Toddlers don’t understand that hitting or biting hurts other people.

Each time your child hits or bites, tell them “hitting/biting hurts. Use gentle touch.” And then demonstrate gentle touch to them.

If your child is pushing another child say “hands are for clapping.  Let’s wait till the other child is done playing with this toy/on the swing etc. I will wait with you.”

You will have to do this consistently, each and every time your child hits/pushes/bites, for a few months till your toddler learns what to do.

If your child is angry because you are not giving them something say “You are angry because daddy won’t give you the phone to play. SO angry. It’s ok to be angry.”  Be there for them as they cry or tantrum. Do not be afraid of the crying or try to make them “stop crying”. The tantrum and feelings will pass eventually.

If you want to learn more techniques to deal with your child’s tantrums and behaviour then purchase The Yearling House’s comprehensive webinar on toddler tantrums. It explains in detail:

  1. Why toddlers tantrum
  2. How to help children learn to deal with their intense feelings of anger/frustration
  3. How to get children to cooperate with you
  4. What is the correct way to praise your child


All you need is computer or smart phone and an internet connection to see it. Email us at to get the webinar today!

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    I would like The Yearling House’s comprehensive webinar on toddler tantrum as I m having a tough time dealing with my 2.4 yr old son […] Read MoreI would like The Yearling House’s comprehensive webinar on toddler tantrum as I m having a tough time dealing with my 2.4 yr old son who constantly keeps pushing and hitting his one year old cousin brother. Read Less

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