Basic Guidelines for Tummy Time


Things to remember: 

  1. Baby is lying on its tummy, on the floor.
  1. Baby is awake and alert so practice movements of eyes, head, shoulders and hands.
  1. Adult is awake and alert, watching the baby.
  1. Baby should be dressed in a warm cotton vest and diaper only. Remove caps, mittens, sweaters etc for tummy time. Keep the baby warm by keeping the room warm.
  1. Place baby on a firm mat (yoga mat) on the floor. Loose quilts and slippery blankets are not helpful.
  1. For babies with reflex, wait for 15 mins post feed. All other babies can be placed on tummy 5 mins post feed. Some amount of spit up is common with babies. You can safely ignore it unless baby is throwing up more than 60% of intake.
  1. Most babies like tummy time positions. If your baby is not handling the position well, do not wait. We can offer other suggestions to help baby get accustomed to the position. Contact us immediately.
  1. Tummy time ends when baby is able to roll in both directions and on both sides equally well.
  1. Holding the baby upright is not considered tummy time. However, this position is definitely better than always lying on the back.
  1. Place baby in any tummy time positions after every diaper change at least.


Positions for tummy time: 

  1. On Parent
  1. On floor
  1. On lap
  1. Football hold or colic hold

Football hold for Tummy Time

Tummy Time Math: 

  1. Start with 30-45 seconds the day after birth. First position to be used is on parent, till umbilical cord stump falls off.
  1. Increase by 30 seconds, every few days. At end of first month, baby should be able to stay on tummy happily for 5 mins at a stretch.
  1. At 2 months, 10 mins for 10 times a day
  1. At 3 months, 15 mins for 10 times a day.  And so on…


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