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This is great news! If you studied language while at school, chances are that your learning consisted of reading after from a textbook.

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Do you go around asking people how old they are and telling everyone your trousers are blue in your native tongue? Of course not!

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You want to learn about them and their culture. You want to communicate. Need some help starting a conversation in German?

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The most important thing to remember when starting a conversation is to say something. A good way of doing this is to ask your conversation partner about their interests. You could ask:.

THIS is how I learn a language in 3 months. Click For Details!

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The next question is, how do you start a German conversation? You could ask: Hast du eine deutsche Lieblingsband?

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Benny Lewis Founder, Fluent in 3 Months. Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author.

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Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to speak from day one. After years of investigating what separates successful language learners from unsuccessful ones, I believe I have found the one thing that those who ultimately succeed and speak the language fluently, all have in common.

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Would you like to know about Spanish s, and how to count from in Spanish? In this article, I share everything you need to know about s in Spanish. I cover what the Spanish s are, examples of how to use them, and so much more.

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Spanish for s — Spanish sCounting [ Pronouns pack a lot of power. Pronouns are the key to understanding who or what the subject is in a sentence.

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Without them, sentences would get very confusing, very quickly! In fact, Spanish [ I started studying French when I was eight years old.

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Five years in elementary school, two years in high school, and four years in university. I knew the language. I could read almost anything, and I [ I've been teaching English for close to a decade.

Teaching phrasal verbs has enabled my students to feel more confident and comfortable using English. It's also been a [ Check out Benny's Tips for Learning

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