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As seen on Rotten Tomatoes. Official National Examiner. They feel like that with festivals, they have to see everything, no matter how minor. Part of it is bragging rights. The other part is that the only thing that feeds into their movie writing is other movies.

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User Password Remember me. We all watch far too many movies, and spend our time analyzing them. So we each watch the same movie, write our analysis of them, and then go to a chat room to discuss it, unaware of what the others have written. Keep that in mind in terms of any points being made. Alex Proyas is a Stranger. His film, Dark Citygoes to great lengths to create a vivid and calculated visual universe, but his universe is without emotion. Caligaribut his memories stop darkcity chat the physical.

He cannot feel the characters he creates, he feels the art direction. His world is three dimensional, but his characters are not. We are supposed to care about John Murdoch because he represents a man without a past who has been duped by the powerful Strangers.

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We are not shown this past, instead we are left to rely on our acknowledgement of this character cliche from works like or Blade Runner. The only way we identify with John is by the way other films have handled his character. The Strangers can remember events, but they cannot feel or understand the emotions that come with them. Likewise, Proyas knows his sci-fi noir characters, but has no understanding of them as unique characters of nuance.

John Murdoch is a set piece, he looks and seems real on the outside, but as soon as you look deeper he is nothing but an empty plot construction. Dark City freely lifts from hundreds of films, a long shot from Batman here, a pinch of Scanners there, stealing so much so that it lacks any sort of individual quality of its own.

The film is a collage of different films, time-frames and artistic influences, from German expressionism to film noir. With each passing moment a recycled shot from another film is thrown in, making darkcity chat film very much like the city that the Strangers create.

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We repeatedly see new buildings erected, from different times and of different structures, but we never see inside, because those buildings are empty. Alex Proyas is a veteran of music videos, and it is fitting that his film is all style and no substance. Never letting the camera just sit and observe, he cuts his film like Renny Harlin on acid.

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It is as if Proyas is insecure with his lack of original insight that he instead must mask that inadequacy by cutting every second and by filling his screen with images from films that have worked in the past. Both are riddled with shots and influences from films of the past, and both have a hyper sense of visual style. Kill Bill however, comments on the films and genres of which it borrows, dissecting the conventions of the kung fu, blaxploitation, giallo and spaghetti westerns that it is so indebted too.

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Tarantino considers how women are stereotyped in such films and offers a different twist: Go Go Yubari looks the traditional school girl, but lashes out against her good-girl stereotypes with a vengeance. Kill Bill acknowledges that Asian cultures often carry patriarchal presumptions that the man dominates the woman, but he flips that convention around to show a rare moment of women in power. He uses the wire-fu aesthetic to show what kind of film darkcity chat is speaking of, and then he makes his point. Dark City uses the sci-fi noir aesthetic to show that is knows how to use the sci-fi noir aesthetic.

Furthermore, although Kill Bill may be sheathed in homage, it still manages to create characters that are memorable and unique. The Bride is more than just a cliche, she is a character whose struggle seems genuine and her revenge deserved. Tarantino spends many a personal moment with her, allowing her to talk and divulge her ethos. The scene where The Bride speaks to her toes, pleading that they move, is so simple yet speaks so much about her character and the struggle she must ensue.

Tarantino is confident enough in himself and his ideas that he lets the scene play out uninterrupted by quick cuts or film reference. We never get that personal with Dark City. Proyas is like the Strangers in that he knows how to make something appear, but he has no idea how to understand the feeling. He knows what his character should be doing based on the experiences of similar caricatures from past films, but he has no idea what they should be feeling.

As Dark City reaches its conclusion, John Murdoch fabricates an artificial reality for himself. He remembers what the ocean should look like from billboards he has seen in the past, and fabricates his existence around that empty imagery. He has no idea what the ocean means to him, only that darkcity chat looks nice. That is the essence of Alex Proyas and Dark City. His pictures have an expressive beauty to them, but they are as thin as paper. Why does John Murdoch care so much about his life; why should he care about his memories if they are all just artificial and empty in the first place?

A good movie would tell us this, but what does Dark City give us? Empty buildings. If you are anything like me, you enjoy being transported to a world wholly fantastic and theoretical. To be enveloped in the atmosphere of a movie more often than not takes precedent to all other considered filmic elements. I can forgive sub par acting, poor adherence to a three-act structure, and the ever-fleeting notion of character development if I feel that I can submerse myself in and explore a setting that is at once foreboding and inviting.

It is ironic then, when I feel enthralled by a place that is a mixture of bygone eras of modern America. I am in love with the Gotham City-esque cityscape darkcity chat is the world where the Strangers conduct their experiments. Being fond of the darkness myself, both literally and aesthetically, it is no wonder I feel at home among the cinematography of Dariusz Wolski. Using an ultra-noir palette, he creates a dense arena oftentimes by only lighting with practicals i.

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It is almost as if the Strangers do not what the inhabitants to dwell too much on the anachronistic objects around them. Their mistake is evident when Murdoch comments on his cigarettes. Indeed, they are not privy to the ideas of souls and destiny. Of course, the viewer must have a sense of spirituality, or at least suspend atheistic belief for the duration of the film. All s point toward John Murdoch being a Christ-figure through a somewhat outworn literary technique. One does not need to be darkcity chat Biblical scholar to see the similarities between Murdoch and Christ.

Though he is uncertain at first to his destiny, he rejects what the Strangers impose upon him and, through his journey, amasses believers in his word.

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Then there is the blatant Christ pose as he lies captured. What this movie is, as is the intent of most religions, is a reaffirmation of the importance of the human soul.

It is almost fitting, then, that a race that does not believe in both the transience of self and the inificance of gravity-laden things are bound to extinction. Proyas and his crew want you to gaze longingly at the enormous sets, breathe in the notion that this is a real place, and at the same time, an artifice, created by the strangers. I still contend that Sutherland, while attempting to do his best Peter Lorre impression the first time I saw the movie, I thought he was talking about Juningis awful, and a huge distraction, any time he opens his mouth.

He tries to play up the nasality in his voice but I kept being distracted by the thicker layer of huskiness, obviously a result of years of smoking. This was of course right in the midst of his career falling apart, heading towards darkcity chat to video projects like, To End All Wars, The Last Days of Frankie the Fly, After Alice, Ground ControlPicking Up the Pieces, Cowboy Upand while this may have been an attempt at career resuscitation, he is lucky he found The boy haircut he has is great though.

The same goes for the lack of profanity, a subtlety that is only learned as you master the nuances of the language and situation. We cut to him on the ground making a lot of noise, but his darkcity chat seems to be intact before the bug in his head escapes.

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It is actually a second Stranger clutching his head, but the shot is unclear. The fear of water by The Strangers may seem to be about their misunderstanding of the essence of human beings, but seems more out of Alien Nationand that whole battery acid thing. Regardless, I love the Predator noise that the Strangers make. At least Proyas and company do acknowledge on the commentary their influences other than the obvious ones in Metropolis and Darkcity chat Runner, but more recently The City of Lost Childrenwhich has a similar tone, color scheme, set de, use of row boats especially that slow motion overhead CGI shot as Sutherland explains about The Strangers to Sewell and Hurtthough Dark City is less interested in story, character, and presenting us with consistently odd and wonderful faces, than opulent visuals and huge sets.

Angrily, he swipes at the remaining slides on the table. But all I could see was how the set was deed. Fish everywhere. Hanging above and around Sewell. Hanging on the wall, from strings. The fish were the motif in the production de. Also odd that when Sewell manages to break the glass to kiss Connelly, none of the cops have any reaction, as if plexi-glass normally shatters when prisoners talk behind them.

Women have limited roles in this world, either darkcity chat or sultry singers. But a limited role is sort of the nature of the film, seeing as the point is that the characters are no more than ciphers. That is both a hindrance to the film and a way out for Proyas, and while it is great that he has accomplished so much visually, the story is sacrificed.

Much of my issue with the overall movie is the conclusion, where after all of those possibilities with the story, all of it is thrown out so we can watch two characters beam special effects at each other out of their he for five minutes of screen time. It has always been confounding to me that Proyas took the easy way out, when throughout the film, he shows how creative he can be.

The chat. Adam : Ok, so I want to start with Kiefer, since I think he gives a horrible performance. Especially with the Peter Lorre impression.

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Josh : How so? The breathing? Adam : The accent, which was an attempt to be Lorre, just as nasal, but all I could hear was his smoking voice.