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Basically, the biggest problem with all of those gabillion instant messaging apps is that none of them are able to communicate with each other. Each one is their own little walled garden and you need to install a separate app if you want to communicate with others inside that little walled garden. What you end up with is a folder full of instant messaging apps that are painful to manage and annoying to keep track of.


already sends text-based electronic messages pretty quickly. Many servers are quite close to instant. As it turns out, someone else also had a similar idea and already has an app that basically does exactly that… extends to instant messaging while keeping the backwards compatibility.

In some cases it can import your server settings from an program you already have installed.

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At the moment, Hop is in a slow-roll-out invitation-only phase… kind of like how Gmail was in the beginning. The advantage to this is that Hop can monitor server usage and keep things optimized without getting overloaded and crashing everything. This is where Hop really makes a lot of sense. Instead of creating a whole separate proprietary network for instant messaging exactly the same way that every other instant messenger service does, Hop chose to add extensions to in order to preserve compatibility with all existing programs. When you set up your in the Hop client, that address gets registered on the Hop chat servers as having access to the Hop client.

The snoozing feature hides the on your phone until a later time that you specify when you select that action. You can use Hop on your phone, then when you get back to your desktop or laptop, use full Outlook to categorize, flag, and file your electronic messaging conversations accordingly.

Hop does group messaging a little differently than I would have expected.

Hop, the app that transforms s into chat messages, just got better

With you can easily send a message to a group of people just by adding their names to the To, CC, or BCC fields. Anybody on the list can remove people from their replies at any time with that method. Instead, Hop uses what amounts to a custom list server that supports up to person groups. A list server is basically a single that sends any messages sent to it out to everyone on a list.

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Hop does make it easy. There are icons at the bottom of the message input field that let you add animated graphics, pictures, voice messages, attachments, and emoji.

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As mentioned, this is nothing new as far as programs are concerned, but Hop makes it all easily accessible in the same way that instant messenger apps are known to. Standard is essentially the only electronic messaging system that can be set up privately and still communicate globally, hop chat building on that makes a lot of sense.

Hop also does cache file attachments temporarily so as to speed up file transfers between users. You can see shared attachments in the groups interface for easy access. EEM creates a per message encryption key and splits the key between Hop and your provider, making external access virtually impossible.

Luckily, Hop says that should someone want hop chat build a server that includes these types of extensions, they are willing to work on a interoperable solution that would allow other privately owned servers to communicate with each other directly while enabling all of these extra features.

Currently uses a DNS MX record to transfer messages between servers, but these extensions would probably be enabled via a separate TXT record on the domain name server that communicates support for the extensions to other servers when they attempt a connection. Sounds great to me! There are a lot of predictions that chat bots will be the new user interface of the future of mobile technology are they really?

Many chat bots are required to live inside a proprietary instant messaging app like Skype, or Facebook Messenger, or Google Allo, or Wechat, or some other specialized app. It makes perfect sense to create chat bots that interact with users on this open platform. Anyone can make a chat bot that lives on an server and automatically replies to s with the requested information.

Turning s into chat

You can learn more about that project here. This is where Hop has a minor problem with clarity. Hop uses a lot of incomprehensible icons for its user interface elements and it can be frustrating to learn how to use some parts of it. It turns out just tapping the upper left corner repeatedly should get you to a screen where hop chat can find a gear wheel icon that goes to the settings where you can configure the app and s with more control.

There are many articles out there about the annoyance of having so many incompatible instant messaging apps. That leaves Pidgin users out in the cold.

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Google has a myriad of its own methods of transferring text message messages from one person to another and none of them are compatible with each other. Facebook Messenger recently dropped support for certain operating system platforms as has WhatsApp. So not only is the necessity of having multiple instant messaging apps installed at the same time getting worse, you also need the newest smartphones in order to use them.

The solution is obviously to consolidate text-based electronic messaging on one protocol that is widely used, works on everything, and is as open as the hop chat wide web. Using telephone s as identification is so archaic.

Adam has had interests in combining technology with art since his first use of a Koala pad on an Apple computer. He currently has a day job as a graphic deer, photographer, systems administrator and web developer at a small de firm in Westchester, NY. His love of technology extends to software development companies who have often implemented his ideas for usability and feature enhancements.

He has been reviewing and writing about smartphones for Pocketnow. about Adam Lein!

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Android iOS Phones. Hop upgrades the most widely-used and accessible method with modern chat functions. Adam Z. The first-run chat bot is very helpful. Group Messaging Group messages even allow for custom notification sound effects. User Interface Normal people are going to have difficulty translating these.

Via XKCD Conclusion There are many articles out there about the annoyance of having so many incompatible instant messaging apps. Lein Adam has had interests in combining technology with art since his first use of a Koala pad on an Apple computer.

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