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I used this Buenos Aires forum in connection with a recent trip there. I found it somewhat helpful and in turn I have reported back on some aspects of my visit.

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In the process of visiting this forum I am taken aback at how it is dominated by a handful of people who engage in endless off topic chat among themselves, some of it pretty acrimonious. Personally I find it annoying and I am surprised that TA allows it. Doesn't TA's rule 4 prohibit this kind of conduct? Does no one else share my opinion that these regulars detract rather than add to this forum by going on ad nauseum with exchanges that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread?

Some of these folks seem downright obsessive.

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Do you regulars who chat on incessantly among yourselves really think it is entertaining or useful to others or that it makes the site more appealing. I submit that the chat of these regulars makes the BA forum less appealing. TA recently suggested that there should be a "chat " sticky for this forum and I wholeheartedly support that approach. Just finished dinner and a couple of glasses of Linne Calodo Winery's "Problem Child" wine appropriate wine for this thread, eh!

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I just wanted to ask Mr. Thanks and PS: as one of our most famous Californians has said: "Can't we all just get along? If you wish to have your vote moved from Aye to Straddler, or even Nay, that's perfectly OK, you know.

TA itself, is skirting dangerously close to breaking copyright laws when it implores contributors to write Insider s on venues that they haven't visited by doing reasearch, thus benefitting from the originator's work. Hopefully most readers and contributors use TA for the purpose it was intended, chat buenos aires disseminate useful information, provide candid reviews and help travellers to read between the lines of typical ad copy. To Mr Hotel Detective: good points and my response is, because I'm into Latin today, caveat emptor and for that matter, attemptor!

I'll put myself as a straddler as well. I have to admit, when I first began to visit this forum, I did find much of the banter annoying, especially the inside jokes between some of the longer term regulars.

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But I also realized that they WERE long term regulars and like any forum, there were going to be inside jokes and some history between them. That stuff I don't mind. However, there is no question there is a certain level of borderline antagonism that comes across to "newbies" here - if I'd have ed this forum at a time I was looking for travel information, I likely would have gone elsewhere within a day or two as I think I would have found it daunting if not just plain unfriendly.

I'm glad I didn't, because in time I came to understand much of what was happening and to meet some of the "players", but I empathize with the new folk trying to find things out.

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An example - a common response to questions which have been asked before is often, more or less - "why don't you look it up in the search bar instead of wasting our time asking questions that have been asked and answered before" - never, obviously, stated quite so bluntly, but it's the gist of the responses. Sure, it gets tedious answering the same questions - but then, simply don't answer them - I think, better that than responding in a way that makes someone feel stupid or unwelcome.

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Better yet, keep a small list of some of the really common regular questions so you can do a quick cut and paste of a link to a thread that answers their question. Saltshaker makes excellent points and that is exactly what my point is. Newbies aren't going to complain on this thread most likely as some of the more well known posters are very hard on newbies that disagree with them. I've had clients that posted something or a review of services only for them to be accused of lying or that someone else was posting it, etc. I think there have even been some posters that are now more well known that were accused of lying or making up posts before by some of you.

I've seen newbies jumped on several times by people before. I agree with Salt Shaker. Sometimes it's difficult for people that post daily to see what the environment is like for the average everyday new poster that is coming to find out information.

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For those that are asking common questions, rather than jump on them, just don't answer and maybe that will cause them to do research on their own with the search feature. Saltshaker and Saintba, I too was once a newbie and never felt intimidated but then again I do research before asking a question so I guess that I didn't leave myself open for the "use the search" remarks.

The XXX Hotel. I have yet to see the two of you be the first to answer the mundane questions when posted here so I guess that you are going by the rule of "if you don't answer they'll look it up". I sometimes go to other forums and they ALL have cliques much like high school, I don't think that it should be a shock or a threat to anyone.

It's just life.

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