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Gorean (gor) online chat rooms

Sartoria An Halsoft chat Homestone. Home of Master Sartor and his slave kalana. All are Welcome. World of Gor World of Gor: known for its training of fine kajira. Located in Excite chat. Gate of Turia A Gorean Homestone.

Palace offers:

Located in Excite chat. Koahale Castle A Gorean Homestone. Home to Master Koahale Anka's World A Gorean slave girl's homes with extensive links to the Gorean online community, information about Gorean castles and taverns, menus, and a comprehensive Gorean and Kassar dictionary.

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These scrolls will provide a brief introduction to the culture of these proud nom of the Turian plains. Web site has good content.

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City of Port Kar This is a chat site dedicated to the philosophy of Gor. Be Welcome. The City of Treve A beautiful city hidden in the voltai mountains accessible only by tarn. Council of Masters This is an Excite chat site dedicated to the philosophy of Gor. Crimson Tavern An interactive, fee-free chat via telnet.

We welcome those who enjoy role play, or lifestyle, Gorean philosophy. Those who hold Gorean truth and honor close to their heart will find a warm bowl of paga and a lusty slave awaiting their enjoyment.

Free chat and a vibrant online gorean community

Dances of Gor The Dances of Gor, for kajira. Dreamstrike Essays, fiction and anecdotes about living a Gorean lifestyle in the modern world. Also, handmade Turian steel slave collars, bina and other merchandise of interest to people who appreciate Gor. This website deals with mature subject matter, and is therefore off limits to anyone under the age of By activating the entry link below, you are stating that you are at least gorean chat years of age.

Gorean Gazette Gorean Lore Within the following s, the Quotes section, are selected quotes from The Gorean Source books intended to illuminate the interested in the nature of Gor, as created by its author John Norman. Public boards are described in book 25 - Magicians of Gor and is from where this forum takes its name. The Gorean Voice A monthly online magazine which addresses both the fans of the books of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor, and the lifestylers, with interviews, information and articles on philosophy, interaction and living within the codes in this society.

For those interested in the gorean chat. JarlsHall Gorean. An Inn on DAL. Offers a vast amount of information about Gor as stated in John Norman's books. These s are intended as an aid, and by no means take the place of reading the books. Jonrhus of Gor Gorean books - books for sale.

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Gorean lifestyle section - pictures of slave positions and brands. Gorean stories - by Jonrhus and others. Also cala tells how Gor makes her feel.

Included is info on the group and a large amount of relevant and original reference material, which is based solely on the books and supported by numerous quotes. Kajira Oasis A site that shows the growth of a girl into her slavery, with selected quotes from the books and a mailing list for those interested. Krosius Warrior of Gor Fan Fiction with a graphical representation of the story and characters.

Also has a visual and written tour of the world of Gor as well as other information and links of interest.

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Poetry, dance, serves, menus, Kassar language. If you also believe in the lifestyle that is practiced on Gor, we welcome you. Show off your True Gorean nature! Bluster others into submission! Impress the gullible! Just follow some simple rules This ring features all Gorean web sites regardless or IRC or network affiliation, but does not include sites of a BDSM nature, nor slaves' poetry s.

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The Plains of Turia The plains of Turia is a small encampment on the edge of the plains. Planet Gor A site for Goreans. A place to learn of the beauty of the slaves, the honor of the Master and the lifestyle of the planet of Gor PowWow Gorean Forum A Gorean forum open to all that embrace this lifestyle, both online and off, to learn and share.

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Swtangel's Slave Many new slaves come into Gor channels with no idea what this world is like, this girl hopes this little will help answer some of the questions you may have about Gor and about being a slave. A place where all may enter and feel at home.

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Adults only, 18 and older! All auctions are strictly for fun, and in no way permanent.

A true gor?

Infrequent gatherings. Any questions or comments should be sent to hope counterurth. It is a harsh world and knowledge of the customs will greatly improve your chances of survival. To those who are familiar with Gor, welcome. It is a story that will stay with you forever.