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They walk among us, endowed with a superpower invisible to the naked eye. Before an important early meeting, they never have to forgo a shower and settle for dry shampoo and a baby wipe.

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They are people who wake up early— naturally. These are the people whose bodies rouse them at a. And new research a decade in the making suggests that the extremely early risers among us might be more common than anyone expected.

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Louis J. Many people tend to wake up earlier as they age, but even when this woman was in her 30s she was waking up at 4 a. Jones mostly saw patients for sleep apnea or other sleep disturbances. Those who answered with some of the earliest times were then asked whether they typically woke up by a.

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It turned out that eight patients, or one out of everydid so. For five of those patients, this so-called advanced sleep phase was genetic, meaning they had multiple relatives who woke up extremely early, too.

The life of a person who wakes up really, really early

They might even be healthier than people who are night owls: Late bedtimes are associated with some negative health consequencessuch as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Also in their favor, larks are more likely to benefit from the societal impression that people who wake up early are go-getters and people who wake up late are lazy.

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Nevertheless, the stereotype persists. She would wake up when it was still cold and dark, and when no one else was awake yet.

11 tricks for waking up earlier in the morning

She grew depressed. Sometimes, she would vacuum at 4 a. One of her relatives, meanwhile, was a very successful businessman who loved his advanced sleep phase. He thrived on exercising at a hour gym at or 4 in the morning.

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There are some limits to this study. Also, the overall of patients with advanced sleep phase was quite small—just eight total—which would make extrapolating patterns outside of this sample even harder.

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