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Less talk less mistake famous quotes & sayings

Totally agree. Sometimes, I still regret having blurted out something that I shouldn't have.

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Still need to learn more discipline. I totally agree!

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Even though I try to think before talking sometimes out of impulse hurtful words still come out without realizing and later on regret that I ever said that. This is a trait I should learn to do more. It's true though. There is wisdom in silence.

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The Bible contains great reminders for us in how to live our life in happiness and peace. This is so true and one of those things that I need to hear everyday. As they say, Practice makes perfect and I am pretty sure you would come into that perfection. God bless!

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So true! It's just like my favorite quote which is also the prayer I think about every time I feel bad, "Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth. What you said was very true, Van. Hurtful words do hurt more than a knife specially to a very sensitive person.

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God indeed is the answer for us to be helped. Yes, Maxine. It is really hard to take it back but we thank the Lord for giving us a chance to ask forgiveness and hopefully with an apology that comes from the heart and true. God would sooth our pain and forgive. This is something I totally need to learn.

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If we all thought before we spoke, there would be less arguments and hurt feelings. Same here, Marie. We all need to learn specially to a talkative and frank lady like me.

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I even read a book on taming tongues and I followed and tried I saw a big difference on what it can do. Very positive. I can't imagine how I would look like with that?? I am guilty of this.

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In my anger, I sometimes lash out words that I do not really mean. I'm doing steps to think a thousand times before I say something, and to hold my tongue when charged with emotions. Good deed in taking steps and holding tongue. I agree with this one I so agree! That's why I prefer to keep quiet when I'm at the height of anger. I might say something I'd regret later. It's good to talk and express yourself but sometimes it is much better not to talk.

Less talk less mistake

Like the saying 'choose your battle'. Talk when you know you can win the battle but keep your mouth shut when you don't know much. I so believe in this. Things should be processed first before uttering any word.

Because those words, you cannot take it back anymore.

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Plus also, we cannot cover up our sins by talking and talking. It will only reflect how low the person is.

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I agree on the quote, especially if you are mad, as you can not take back what you've said while you are mad. Yes, our emotion is at its height with anger and we create more sins if we keep on talking. Wise people tend to keep quiet and think of a way to correct the mistake than cover it up by being noisy. Amen and more of us need to learn this When we are silent, we see and learn more I am a firm believer of the saying "If you have nothing nice to say, bite your tongue and move away.

Less talk less mistake quotes & sayings

I'm trying hard to put this thing into practice, especially when I'm angry. This is something which I do need to work on. I agree with this! A good reminder to all of us isn't it! Praise God that you agreed!

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Beautiful thoughts and so true. We should closely watch what we say in anger, especially with our kids around. I noticed some moms venting their anger on their poor kids Glenda, thank you for your words of comfort re my dad's passing Somehow, I believe he is in a better place I didn't want to let him go because he fought valiantly, but I knew in his last moments all he wanted was to be reunited with my mom Our good Lord would put His hand on your shoulder to comfort you at all times. I'm happy that you trusted our Lord Jesus because He really knows what is best for us.

I made this quote long ago. I can say you are victorious! I think this includes in what we share in social media.

Think before we hit that post button. Sometimes, the more we try to explain and some even bend situation to explain its side, more sins are committed Tama Tama Tama It we can't say anything good all we need to do is just keep silent. I've learned this from my nanay. To avoid any arguments better keep quiet and listen. Wise is your Nanay for teaching you this. Not many nanay were like that. Thanks for sharing! I've learned the importance of this lesson just recently, and I am glad God whispered to me to just hold my tongue, even if people try to stab me with their hurtful words.

We should know when to hold our tongues. Let us pray…. Our Heavenly Father. Please discipline my tongue and learn to use it well and right. In Jesus name I pray.

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